Friday, May 30, 2008

Me No Likey: No, No, No!

So I try to stay away from getting too harsh on celebs, but sometimes they are just asking for it! Case in point:

LIL' KIM at the Sex and the City movie premiere in this pink and orange number. I'm sure everyone threw on some big designer since they were going to this particular movie premiere , but designer or not, Kim just completely misses it. And the addition of this rhinestone belt does not help the situation at all.

MICHELLE WILLIAMS has the awkwardness of a 12-year old girl going through puberty. She just always has a little something that throws her look off. In this case however, it is a lot of somethings! Honestly, I am very upset at her stylist (if she has one), for allowing her to walk out of the house, let alone onto the red carpet with this on. The dress is hideous and she really needs to re-evaluate wearing white is just not ok.

GAYLE KING, also at the Sex and the City movie premiere wore this floral dress that I don't agree with. I am not a fan of "matchy matchy" pieces and whatever she has going on her is definitely that. Shoes, bag, and what I think is a wrap or a jacket....all a no no. Ok, now that I've looked a little longer at the pic, it's not that bad...but still Gayle, you can do better.

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