Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Love My.....


BEYONCE'S Loving CHANEL! The R&B/Pop superstar had been spotted out and about in nothing but CHANEL lately! Everytime I turn around it's either a dress, a belt, a skirt, a bag or even a pair of earrings! She's always been a classy woman and an amazing dresser, but drowning herself in CHANEL is taking B's style game to an entirely new level. Possessing the grace and style comparable Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, she is really a fashion icon of our time. I love it! Here are a few shots of her in the threads. [I've only labeled those pieces that I'm sure about]

Black Leather Chanel Chain Bag

Belt, Shoes, Bag, Jewelry, and Dress by Chanel

Chanel Jacket

Chanel Jacket & skirt (the Girl Scout Look)

Chanel Star Top (Spring '08 Collection) & Hoop Earrings

Chanel bag & Jewelry (Partying in Cannes)

Chanel Bag, Dress & Earrings

Dripped in Chanel from Head to Toe

Forget a diamond, CHANEL is obviously B's best friend!

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