Monday, April 7, 2008

This N' That: Usher, Solange & Cherish

This is a little section I decided to start where I just throw up a few photos of people wearing specific things I like. Like a pair of shades, shoes, a top or whatever it may be.

USHER'S Shades! Love them, and my cousin Deandre pointed them out to me. I am also "On the Hunt" for them so if you have any info on them, let me know!

SOLANGE'S Jacket/Shirt!! This is so her, and she wears it so well. I love the electric blue pumps and the skinny pant. The top is puffy ans pleated in numerous ways, which makes for a very dramatic Roman inspired look. She has on a huge "CD" belt which I could do without, but everything else is HOT! [Thanks to for the pic]

MEMBER OF CHERISH'S Top & tights! One of the member of Cherish had on a pair of sliver tights that I love, and this sequined off the shoulder top.

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