Friday, April 11, 2008

Me No Likey: Dressing in the Dark Are We?

Some of these people looked like they got dressed without the help of a little thing we call lights! I don't post many of these until I get a collection of some outfits that really throw me for a loop, and this week, some people did just that! lol Here we go:

DIDDY'S Mom JANICE COMBS is not the best dresser. I think she can use help in various departments: fashion, beauty, hair, etc. With a son such as Diddy (a fashionista himself), I find it very hard to believe that he does not give her advice. I know she's his mom, but come on....she just doesn't ever really look nice. In this shot in particular, she has on a dress that looks like she is about to lounge around the house. It's extremely too bog and the pose she's striking does not help, at all. Me nooo likey!

Next, MEL B decided to rock her favorite print ever....Cheetah! She even carries her baby around in an animal print, specifically leopard/cheetah, car seat. This look just does not do it for me and the boots look completely out of place. They do not go wit the dress at all, and I would pair them only with jeans or tights, not this.

America's Next Top Model winner JASLENE GONZALES usually hits or misses it. She looks really cute or everything is totally off. Here she pairs a plaid dress that is obviously too big for her tiny body, tights, and a pair of white strappy shoes. Now all of these pieces worn right could be amazing, but together, I just don't dig no Likey!

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