Friday, March 21, 2008

Who Wore What: Casual Cuteness

This week, being out of town and extremely busy, I have been a little behind on the blogging, but I did notice some very stylish outfits on some celebs out and about. First is a woman who frequently wears clothes that don't particularly hug her tight, but she knows how to stay stylish in her loose fitting duds. Here TAMEKA RAYMOND, Usher's newlywed, wears a pair of dark brown boots, blue jeans and a champagne colored button up top with a tie belt around the waist. This is my kind of top, simply becuase I like his style ans own a few myself, but in black and tan.

Next is TRACEE ELLIS ROSS, a woman that I feel is one of the most original dressers in the biz. She always brings something different, but she also stays cute while doing it. Even when she's stepping out for a coffee in a pair of sweats, they are "Free City" sweats, and she adds her own twist to everything. I love this look becuase the shoes are hot, and if I am not mistaken, are Prada. I saw them on display at Bergdorf Goodman this week while in New York, just in a different color, and they caught my eye then. The other part of this outfit is the skirt, I love the pattern and the way it puffs out past the hips. I love the entire look, head to toe! Though it may not be viewed a necessarily casual, it's no a ballroom gown or anything!

I am absolutely loving EVE's look in this shot. I am a fan of these type of little jacket/sweaters. She is sporting the pair of American Apparel tights I've done a few features on before.
I think the shoes she has on are Christian Louboutin, or at least they look like his "Jeweled Slingbacks." The look is completed with a knit beanie and is very casual but still very cute. Love it!

Next is a girl who does more modeling than singing, and that's perfectly fine with me! CASSIE and her friend are out and about on the streets of LA, in very simple but stylish outfits. I love her glasses! Vintage & Retro, 2 of my favorite's! I am also really noticing the combat boot and tights really taking it's place in the fashion world. She sports the look with a loss fitting electric blue top and an oversized bag. Her friend looks just as adorable in a gray v-neck top by American Apparel with skinny jeans and flat sandals. I love her scarf, which I can't really tell if it's a vest or scarf, but wither way it's cute!

And last but not least is EVA MARCELLE, who always dresses amazingly in my opinion, looks great the the ceremony for Angela Bassett's Star induction in Hollywood. It looks to be a simple top from American Apparel, with a very cute high waisted skirt that ties with an attached belt. I am loving her accessories! I love layered jewelry, especially necklaces. Here she layers 3 on her neck, accentuating the deep V in the shirt along with stacked bracelet and bangles on her wrists. Very hot!!

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