Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Ultimate Style Showdown!

So this jacket was spotted last year on three of my favorite people when it comes to music and fashion: KELIS, BEYONCE & RIHANNA and it resurfaced this week on D. WOODS of Danity Kane, who I just recently interviewed in LA for a Seventeen magazine feature. I noticed this last year in September and submitted it to for the "Who Rock'd It Better?" section. The jacket is very popular and cute at that. A biker inspired jacket is embellished with studding all over to give it a more glamorous look.

BEYONCE was wearing it while out and about in New York, KELIS in LA and RIHANNA at the Live Earth concert in Tokyo. Most recently, D. Woods, on the set of a video shoot for DK, was spotted rocking the hot item. So what so you think? Who looks best? Do you like the jacket lighted up by BEYONCE with white pants? KELIS' denim approach? RIHANNA's bodysuit number, or D. WOODS' shirtless, metallic bra look?

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