Sunday, March 2, 2008

Double Takes: Nicole Scherzinger's Entire Outfit

This is pretty rare, unless you're known for rocking a uniformed look like say...Lindsay Lohan. But for Pussycat Doll NICOLE SCHERZINGER, I was pretty surprised. Remember this "Double Takes" section is not at all criticizing people for wearing the same thing twice, it's just something I've created for when I spot the same thing, typically on the same person, twice. Sometimes it's a shirt, a pair of shoes, a jacket, or a bag....but this time it's the entire outfit! The PCD first wore this black cropped pea coat, thick black belt w/square buckle, high waisted wide leg jeans, and black bracelet back in October to a KISS FM event. She recently stepped out for dinner at Mr. Chows last week, looking identical to herself (down to the hairstyle) almost 4 months ago. I think it's great if you love something so much you wear it more than once, in fact I think it's silly to buy something you don't see yourself re-using! So SCHERZINGER was obviously feeling herself from head to toe back in October, because she threw it on again. It's kind of silly to ask which time do you think it looked better, as I usually do, because there's no difference in the two shots. But anyhow, she looks amazing both times!

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