Monday, November 5, 2007

The Hotness: Attention Brown Girls!

My dad sent me the link to this web-site, and after checking it out I thought it was very cute. We often see shirts with references to people/race/ethnicities on them (ie. "latinas do it better"), but we rarely see black/brown people as the focus of them. Sensing this void in the world of fashion world, creators of "One Brown Girl" decided to create a line of shirts with graphics that do exactly this. The line includes long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts, jackets and fitness pants, and ranges in price from $28 to $37. They feature positive messages, and remain stylish while getting the point across. My favorite is: "Brainy Brown Girl" which goes for $28.00. Head over and check them out at: They are also available in select cities, including Los Angeles, and you can find the exact location on their site. Go have a look!

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Anonymous said...

Those are cute. I like the Artsy Brown Girl one.