Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cover Me Badd: December Issues

First up we have none other than the man with the most impeccable swagger around Mr. SHAWN CARTER. He graces the cover of BLENDER Magazine, keeping in line with his "American Gangster" theme. The layout inside features a few shots staged directly out of the movie, and a "mugshot" (which quite honestly favors the real Frank Lucas a lot)!

Next is probably the person that comes in close second as far as swagger goes: LIL WAYNE. He is on the cover of XXL's December issue displaying the artwork that is his body, and his BURBERRY boxers in about 3 different shots. There are about 3 different possible covers but I just picked one. His dreads got long quick!

Speaking of body art, Girfriends' PERSIA WHITE graces the cover of URBAN INK magazine showing off her tribal tatt's in the spread and gives a great interview also. I love her tattoo's they are all filled in! She's brave for that!

On GENLUX Magazine this month is a very, very beautiful MARY J. BLIGE, who is starting the promotion for her next studio album "Growing Pains" due in stores December 18, 2007. So pretty! Love the hair!

These 3 women are very talented and 2/3 of them are my favorite actresses in the business right now. The third is amazing too, but Nia and Sanaa make those movies I can watch a million times! SANAA LATHAN, NIA LONG, & GABRIELLE UNION appear on ESSENCE magazine's December issue looking ever so radiant and beautiful. It makes me proud to be a brown girl! They dish on everything from men, to gossip, to being "in between jobs" as an actress in Hollywood. If you're not a subscriber, go pick it up!

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