Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Classic Classics: Essential Items for your Wardrobe

A girls (and guys) wardrobe can overflow the closet, the back closet, basement, etc....you get the point. But with all these items, plenty of the time we do not own many of the "essential" classic items that we can keep over a very long periods of time. Also known as "staples" or "basics" in our wardrobe. Harper's Bazaar helps us out with what some of those items include, and provides a list of the various items that we should all have in our closets. They include:

1. LITTLE BLACK DRESS - Be sure you have a little black dress that is both sexy but versatile, strapless is encouraged but not necessary. There are many styles of this dress, but it can always be the default part of your wardrobe when you "have nothing to wear" because it works for just about any event!

2. FLATS - Obviously taking over, and I know our feet are thanking us, are flats. They are a part of almost every casual look, and even some very high fashion ones too. They can be dressed, up or down, and are most important very comfortable. If you don't already have a pair...go and grab some! Pictured are 2 pairs of GAP flats that go for about $40. Not bad at all.

3. PEACOAT - This jacket gets really popular around this time of year, Fall that is. And if you purchase the "right" one, you will only have to do so once. They last long, styles rarely change drastically, and it can be worn with almost anything in your wardrobe. Pictured is a very cute one by CELINE. Whether you are making a fashion statement, or just trying to keep warm, this is the way to do it!

4. GRAY CARDIGAN - I have just recently fallen in love with these! I love cardigans, they add a certain feel to an outfit. I love the baggy cardigan look, but the fitted cardigan is classy too. You can throw a cardigan over a t-shirt and create a whole new look. I just bought about 3 of them from a Vintage store for next to nothing, so I suggest doing this. If you have mounds of cash to spend there are numerous options for you. A very cute one I wouldn't mind spending my money on is the one pictured, from URBAN OUTFITTERS for $48.

5. TANK - This is the last one I'll review, but I thought it was very important for the basics. I think you can just go with a simple white Fruit of the Loom tank for your outfit, but Harper's suggests the MICHAEL STARS tank top. They go for about $40 but you can always head over to your local target and pick up a 5-pack of white tank tops. :)

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